IPCC : That Medieval Warm Period We Used To Believe In Wrecks Our Story, Lets Get Rid Of It

  • The IPCC rewriting ‘their own’ 1990 Medieval Warm Period historical temperature record, to suit the modern mann-made global warming hockey stick narrative. Ingenious.
  • They were also kind enough to let us know the ‘global’ warming during the MWP existed without the presence of increased greenhouse gases: “This period of widespread warmth is notable in that there is no evidence that it was accompanied by an increase of greenhouse gases” IPCC WG1 Report 1990 (p202) http://www.ipcc.ch/ipccreports/far/wg_I/ipcc_far_wg_I_full_report.pdf


  • For more on data tampering, see also:
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Real Science

ScreenHunter_121 Aug. 12 05.32

From the 1990 IPCC report. Remarkably, no one prior to Michael Mann had noticed that the world was heating out of control since 1860.

ScreenHunter_56 Feb. 18 06.14

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