Smoking Gun That The NOAA US Climate Extremes Index Is 100% Fraudulent


  • Data Tampering. A criminal disgrace.
  • Millions of working families suffering to pay electricity bills and find jobs. All because Climate Change alarmists with their snouts in the climate gravy-train trough promulgate the global warming scare with fraudulent data to keep the grant money flowing and their precious, elite reputations in tact.
  • The mainstream media no better. Keeping NOAA, NASA, GISS, USHCN blatant data tampering under wraps ~ Exposing a government data tampering scandal clearly wouldn’t be in the best interests of Gaia.
  • Meanwhile the punters keep paying climate guilt money to Obama, Australia’s Labor/Green alliance and all the other western Governments heavily invested in the biggest scientific hoax and fraud ever perpetrated on humanity.
  • So Wrong.


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Real Science

The NOAA US Climate Extremes Index shows that 2012 maximum summer temperatures were tied for the highest on record.

ScreenHunter_07 Aug. 07 07.39

Extremes | U.S. Climate Extremes Index (CEI)

This is utter nonsense. According to GHCN US data, the summer of 2012 had the 21st hottest maximum temperatures, was more than 1C cooler than 1936, and was cooler than most of the years in the 1930s.

ScreenHunter_08 Aug. 07 07.39


Index of /pub/data/ghcn/daily/hcn/

The next graph overlays the HCN data on the CEI data. The match isn’t too bad until about the year 2000, when NOAA started fabricating data to pump the numbers up.

NOAA shows the summer of 2006 as being 7th hottest on record, when in fact it was the 82nd hottest.

ScreenHunter_09 Aug. 07 07.44

The EPA says that summers in the 1930s were much hotter than any summers prior to 2009. Why does NOAA think they can get away with lying about this?

Heat waves occurred…

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  1. […] Smoking Gun That The NOAA US Climate Extremes Index Is 100% Fraudulent ( […]


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