MUST WATCH: Willie Soon Smashes CO2 Sea-Level-Rise Alarmism

No matter if the science of global warming is all phony…
climate change provides the greatest opportunity to
bring about justice and equality in the world
– Christine Stewart,
former Canadian Minister of the Environment

From JoNova:

Five or more failed experiments in measuring Global Sea Level: Willie Soon

Willie Soon has some fun with the sea-level debate, going back to William the Conqueror, and landmarks in England.

Are sea-levels “accelerating”? Can the satellites resolve sea-level to 1mm changes a year? Why is the raw data so different?

I think the strongest point is the one Nils Axel Morner has made about the extraordinary adjustments in the raw satellite data, which Willie Soon refers too soon after the 20 minute mark.


Willie is always a rapid fire presenter, getting a good response from the audience…

I’d like to know more about Pevensey Castle (7 mins). It was built in 300AD or so, and at the time was a Roman Fort. The sea surrounded it on three sides, now it is 1.5km from the sea. William the Conqueror landed there (or close to it) in 1066. Apparently the water was so high, they used to toss prisoners over the wall and the tide would take their bodies away. Now it is high and dry. Apparently the marshes around the castle have also been actively reclaimed as the land was so valuable. Obviously there are several factors at work. [Google images show how far the sea is now.]

In Roman times Pevensey Castle was next to the ocean, now it is 1.5km away.

Image: Wikimedia

This page describes the last 5000 years of sea-level rise and fall at Pevensey. This apparently refers to Roman Times:

“Boats would have been able to moor at Pevensey Castle, which was located on a peninsula guarding the mouth of the estuary of the Pevensey Haven. At high tide there would still be many small islands of higher ground projecting above water level and evidence of this exists in place names that have the suffix ‘ey’ or ‘eye’ – the ancient term for an island (e.g. Manxey or Horse Eye).”

The expert on sea-levels of course, is Nils Axel Morner:  Are sea-levels rising? Nils-Axel Mörner documents a decided lack of rising seas

19 Comments on “MUST WATCH: Willie Soon Smashes CO2 Sea-Level-Rise Alarmism”

  1. Nice One says:

    “A real skeptic would question whether it really was next to the ocean.”

    Still waiting for you to provide evidence that the castle was next to the ocean. T’was my first comment and since then you only dance around with evasiveness. Remember the timeframe as Willie states, “1,000 years ago”. Try again.


    • Climatism says:

      Read my previous reply. Hint – high tides, dykes, land reclamation.


      • Nice One says:

        Read my previous reply. Hint “1,000 years ago”. The graph from your own link doesn’t support Willie’s OPINION.


      • Climatism says:

        I don’t think the Pevensey case supports much at all except regional tidal movement and regional land change effecting SLR.
        Main crux of the post is Soon’s presentation of the inaccuracies of measuring SLR and is SLR really so ‘catastrophic’ as AGW alarmist makes out. The data simply doesn’t support SLR catastrophe, just as empirical evidence and observable data simply do not support CAGW.


  2. Nice One says:

    So you can’t defend Willie point about the sea being at the castle 1,000 years ago. I get that.

    Yeah, sea levels have changed over history – we know that. It goes on today AND yes the scientists are aware.

    The modern sea level rise is measured by the satellites NOW and they detect the SEASONAL changes. How on earth do they do that if they are as inaccurate as Willie makes them out to be?

    Willie has some learning to do! All Willie does is say “I don’t understand how they do that” or “they got some explaining to do” rather than give details about where they got it wrong.


  3. Climatism says:

    I don’t understand what your point is about defending Soon. Have explained Pevensey or anywhere that undergoes ‘land’ changes is not an accurate method to define sea level rise or fall IMO. Did you read that? or are you more interested in some “Gotcha” moment?

    Re accuracy of measurements: Soon’s view of satellite measurements at 18 mins is useful too. Single pulse resolution of 1.2m to measure millimetres of SLR?!…. Can we even obtain accurate measurements with that discrepancy? Guess that’s why we need to ‘adjust’ the data…

    I suppose you watched the parts in Soon’s presentation about ‘adjustments’? Do you think they are reasonable, or suit a ‘desired’ trend?

    What are your thoughts on the accuracy of adjusted data? Considering TOPEX raw data shows statistically insignificant SLR 1993-2000 and GRACE raw data shows SLR fell slightly 2002-2007…
    See Nils-Axel Mörner here:

    Also, considering SLR’s been occurring for past 20,000 years and there’s been no acceleration in global SLR since records began, how does that resolve with your views about the effect man-made CO² is supposed to have on SLR?

    In summary, is SLR past or present really at ‘catastrophic’ levels? Are we going to be measuring SLR by 2100 in ‘Feet’ as some alarmist ‘scientists’ and ‘models’ predict? or in inches or mm’s as ALL the satellite and tidal gauge data OBSERVATIONS tell us?

    Climate Models haven’t faired too well in the atmospheric temp department to date. Are we to trust predictions and computer models for accelerated future Sea Level Rise as well?

    See post “Modelling Climate Alarmism” for a look at ‘modelled’ temperature projections versus observed reality:

    Lastly, Re Soon’s presentation method ~ “I don’t understand” etc. Thinking that’s maybe his ‘style’ in conveying dismay at the way data is collected, analysed, adjusted and released. No?


  4. Nice One says:

    Gotcha moment. That’s too easy. Anyone repeating the crap Willie Soon sprouts is susceptible to a Gotcha moment.

    Let’s move on the the accuracy of the satellites and how that impacts the sea level. You’ve fallen intot the same trap as Willie. He doesn’t understand, therefore he thinks it is wrong – but he just can’t explain why. Listing some specification of a satellite is NOT the same as mathmatecally explaining why. Statistics tells us that from a sample of values, all with random variance, as the same size increases, the error decreases. Just because Willie and you don’t get that, doesn’t make it wrong.

    As for citing Joann Nova, she is so full of crap and her “thoughts” are well debunked already.


  5. Climatism says:

    Rules On How To Be A Global Warming Alarmist:
    Step 1: Never debate the facts.
    Step 2: Engage in smear, discredit and ad hominem.


  6. […] TOPEX/POSEIDON/JASON– satellietmetingen. Daaruit blijkt dat daaromtrent onzekerheid bestaat. In deze video legt Willy Soon uit wat de problemen […]


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