My personal path to Catastrophic AGW skepticism

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Guest essay by Jonathan Abbott

Please allow me to recount the details of my personal path to CAGW scepticism. I have never previously found myself at odds with the scientific mainstream and at times it feels quite odd. Perhaps others here have similar experiences? I am curious to know how fellow-readers came to their current views. If some have gone from genuine scepticism to accepting CAGW, I would find that especially fascinating.

My own story begins at school in England in the early 80s. Between playing with Bunsen burners and iron filings, I remember being told that some scientists predicted that we would soon enter a new ice age. This sounded quite exciting…

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Arctic Alarmist Hell Week Continues

Real Science

Imagine the pain of Wadhams, Maslowski, the Sierra Club and the death spiral guy.

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COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

The wailing and gnashing of teeth deepens.

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1979 : NCAR Forecast 15-25 Feet Of Sea Level Rise By The Year 2000

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The Palm Beach Post – Google News Archive Search

Since that forecast was made in 1979, tide gauges in California show 0.00 inches of sea level rise. Schneider was only off by a factor of infinity.

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