Arctic Alarmists Trying To Weasel Their Way Out Of Their BS

Arctic Alarmist U-Turn
from Steven Goddard’s “Real Science”

Real Science

Polar ice loss cause still unclear

New research shows that glaciologists still cannot say for certain whether the Earth’s north and south polar ice is melting faster

Here is a non-conclusion: after nine years of close observation, researchers still cannot be sure whether the planet is losing its ice caps at an accelerating rate.

In other words, they have been talking out of their asses for the past nine years.

That is because the run of data from one satellite is still not long enough to answer the big question: are Greenland and Antarctica melting because of global warming, or just blowing hot before blowing cold again in some long-term natural cycle?

Polar ice loss cause still unclear | Environment |

What they are saying is that Greenland and Antarctica are both cooling, and the formerly hysterical scientists need to find a way to back out of all the…

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